Stonesmith Urban Uprising Holds

Stonesmith Urban Uprising Holds

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We’re excited to announce that Stonesmith holds have created a custom range of branded holds for us.

Chris from Stonesmith holds, ‘The hemispherical sloper fits perfectly with our Full Power XL-Sloper set and can be used to set stunning showcase problems. The large radius of the hold forces an open handed grip and is too voluminous to be pinched by even the largest of paws.

Visually striking yet fully functional as a hold, our screw-on plaque is the ideal way to show your support for Urban Uprising. Comfortable for all climbing grades and positive enough for most angles of wall.’

Each sloper set sold will sponsor a child to climb for 3 days and each plaque sold will get a child climbing for a day.

What’s not to like!?

They get you uber strong too!

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