Wall opens its doors!

We’ve recently returned from a visit to our partners, the Central Urban Climbing School in Rio. On our previous visit their climbing wall was under construction and was a building site; lots of planks of wood, screws, rotary saws, holds and so forth. So it was great to return to see the finished product, and it looks fantastic!

It’s located right in the centre of Rocinha, the largest shanty town in Rio and is proving to be quite an attraction and focal point for local children. When we were there, lots of children stopped by to see what was going on and several mothers popped in to see if their children could get involved.

The wall serves as a base for the school and a focal point within the community. Somewhere where they can carry out technique training, lectures and developmental learning.

The wall construction and part of the space rental has been funded by an Urban Uprising grant. Thanks to all of our supporters!


The well stocked gear room at the wall :


Caio, one of the older students, training on the wall :


A mother and children stopping by to check out the new facility :