Hazel Findlay – Mental Health

Hazel Findlay – Mental Health

5 Reasons Climbing Will Improve Your Mental Health – with Hazel Findlay

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, we asked Urban Uprising Ambassador, Hazel Findlay, to share some of the reasons why she thinks climbing can improve mental health. Here’s what she had to say…

1. Personal Development

Climbing is an uncomfortable sport in the sense that it pushes people to leave their comfort zones. If approached in the correct way learning how to respond to the stress of climbing can be incredibly empowering from a mental training perspective. If you can manage fear and stress in a climbing situation you can learn how to do the same thing in any stressful situation that might crop up, for example in a work environment. Understanding our emotional responses to certain situations and learning how to control them is a great tool for personal development and improving mental health.

2. Mastery

Approaching climbing with a mastery mindset adds further health benefits. To try and master a skill like climbing can fill your life with purpose and meaning. Many people find that goals and ambition aids their mental health because it gives them direction. Many people suffering from depression note that their lives feel meaningless and they feel lost; learning and improving at something like climbing can be an antidote to that feeling.

3. Flow state

Climbing can lead to flow state experiences. Flow state is the state you’re in when you’re completely present in the moment despite doing a challenging task. Everything falls away and you’re just there with the rock. These experiences leave you feeling exhilarated

4. Outdoors

Outdoors climbing takes you outdoors. Being outside in nature is calming and enjoyable. Natural beauty encourages the mind to be present with what is happening right now instead of wandering off to worry about what it might be doing in the future or should have done in the past. The sounds of cities and busy places can be oppressive and the natural world offers some respite from that.

5. Friends

Even if you only have access to indoor climbing, it can still improve your mental health. Climbing is a very sociable sport because it’s difficult to do it alone. The problem solving nature of climbing also encourages interaction with others even if you’re bouldering. Humans are social animals and it’s important for us to have friends that we share meaningful experiences with.

Photo credit Jon Griffith https://alpineexposures.com




Bristol lecture evening

Bristol lecture evening

We recently held an evening of talks with Hazel Findlay and Dave MacLeod in Bristol. The aim was to introduce Urban Uprising to this great climbing city with the aim of opening up Uprising’s there in 2019.

A huge thanks to Ellis Brigham, Black Diamond and Wilderness Lectures for supporting and making this such a success.

And of course thanks to Dave and Hazel for being so generous with their time as always.

Picture above is of the post lecture Q&A with Dave, Hazel and Urban Uprising founder Stuart Green.

Eden Rock Partnership

Eden Rock Partnership

We’ve launched our second ‘Uprising’ project in Edinburgh, in partnership with Eden Rock.

Taking place at Eden Rock’s climbing centre in Loanhead, the project offers young climbers the opportunity to take part in a structured programme that teaches them how to climb safely and responsibly.  The programme helps increase their confidence and self-esteem and develops their life skills, such as problem solving and communication.

Commenting on the partnership, Urban Uprising founder Stuart Green said: “We’re delighted to be working with Eden Rock expanding our work in Edinburgh. The health benefits of climbing are obvious and to enable participation for all is really important. We use our Uprisings as a way of helping young people to empower themselves, build confidence and feel a real sense of achievement.  Together with Eden Rock, we’ll be taking groups of 12 young people through climbing courses which they otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to do. The concept is simple and the results, I hope, profound.

“These projects make a huge difference to the young people involved and we’re extremely grateful to have the support of the climbing community. We’re already running a number of successful Uprisings in Glasgow and look forward to launching further Uprisings throughout Scotland.”

Michael Stainthorpe, Director of Eden Rock, said: “We are proud and excited about this new partnership with Urban Uprising and look forward to working closely together. Seeing the huge benefits climbing has on the lives of young people is extremely rewarding and we are delighted to be involved with such an important and worthy cause. I’m confident that the partnership will be a real success and it’s great to know we are able to help make a difference.”

To further support the charity, Eden Rock is hosting a summer event on 1 September 2018 where people will be able to learn more about Urban Uprising whilst also having the chance to take part in a fun climbing competition. There will also be a range of coaching workshops to attend, a drop-in physio clinic and some great prizes, followed by a lecture from Dan Varian, one of the UK’s most prolific climbers.

If you would like to volunteer or are a youth group keen to find out more about the project, contact Sarah Hayden (sarah@urbanuprising.co.uk) at Urban Uprising for further details.

Photo by Eden Rock of Stu Green (Urban Uprising founder) and Mike Mullins (Eden Rock manager)


Urban Uprising!

A short bio of the awesome work we do here at Urban Uprising. Check it out folks!

A Special thanks to EICA Ratho, DJ Dolphin Boy & Hotaches for the production.

NoMansLand Film Festival

NoMansLand Film Festival

Finding Wide 2

We are excited to partner with EUMC – Edinburgh University Mountaineering Club to bring you the first ever UK screening of No Man’s Land Film Festival.

On Thursday 15th March join us at George Square, Edinburgh to celebrate a collaboration of men and women in championing women athletes in the outdoors.

We’ll also be screening the award winning Three Women and the Three Old Men.

Tickets are £10 each (£5 for EUMC members) and all proceeds will go to support our work with young people in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Tickets can be purchased here at eventbrite.