Dave MacLeod blog

Dave MacLeod blog

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity yet, we recommend that you take a look at Dave MacLeod’s blog. There’s always lots of interesting stuff posted there concerning nutrition, training, motivation, travel and other wider issues. Head on over via this link @DaveMacLeodBlog

From his blog :

A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk at a big boulder comp/party event at TCA Glasgow organised by the charity Urban Uprising. Various talks I’ve done in the past have raised money for Climbers Against Cancer, various mountain rescue teams and others, but I mention this one specifically, just because I really like what they do and want to encourage you to support it.

Urban Uprising take deprived or otherwise at risk kids climbing. Usually it’s the first time they’ve had an experience of an adventurous sport like climbing. In my view, this is a pretty special thing to do. I’m biased of course, because one experience I happened to have as a kid (randomly going out on my bike and finding mountains) totally changed my life. I have no doubt at all that this one experience not only set me on a path to make far more of myself than I otherwise would have, but it also allowed me to gain expertise I could then use to help others.

I was lucky enough to have a bike, and the freedom to choose to go out on it and have this life changing experience without any direct influence from anyone at that moment. So many others have neither the freedom or the resources. One of the great problems with helping young people to help themselves is that no-one ever values them. So why would they value themselves? They are seen by so many others in society as a problem. Actually they are an opportunity. When someone takes time to show them something good, it will have a positive effect on almost all. For a subset, it will change everything. That is worth supporting.
If you want to support them, head to their website, buy a cool T-shirt. Or just donate.



Starting to count the days!

Less than two weeks to go until the return of our charity club night, Uprising on Saturday 22nd October at Stereo Cafe Bar. It’s going to be an epic night full of funky house and techno beats by Beat Mongrel and DJ Michael “Blezz” with spectacular visuals by VJ Mofis, so come out and get down with your friends!

For tickets and more details, click the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/163856044019231/
Don’t forget, during the same day there will be lots more activities happening as part of The Climbing Academy Glasgow 5th birthday. More info: http://bit.ly/2cAN5nz


Edinburgh Uprising!

Edinburgh Uprising!

We’re excited to announce that in early 2017, we’ll be opening up a new Uprising in Edinburgh.

This has been made possible by kind donations from the Mickel Fund, The Pleasance Trust and The Dumbarton Rotary Club.

Watch this space for further details!


Caitlin gets young climber of year 2016!

Caitlin gets young climber of year 2016!

We’re really excited to announce that Caitlin Connor, our youth ambassador, has won the first ever ClimbScotland Young Climber of the year!

She’s Youth ‘C’ Scottish champion for the second year running and is currently planning another fundraiser for Urban Uprising.

As the letter explains, Caitlin was selected in recognition of her top level efforts on the wall and also her contribution to fundraising for Urban Uprising. What better example to others? Well done Caitlin!

Check out Caitlin’s blog here : http://caitlinconnor-climbing.blogspot.co.uk

UU-SS TCA Shoot-18

Wall opens its doors!

Wall opens its doors!

We’ve recently returned from a visit to our partners, the Central Urban Climbing School in Rio. On our previous visit their climbing wall was under construction and was a building site; lots of planks of wood, screws, rotary saws, holds and so forth. So it was great to return to see the finished product, and it looks fantastic!

It’s located right in the centre of Rocinha, the largest shanty town in Rio and is proving to be quite an attraction and focal point for local children. When we were there, lots of children stopped by to see what was going on and several mothers popped in to see if their children could get involved.

The wall serves as a base for the school and a focal point within the community. Somewhere where they can carry out technique training, lectures and developmental learning.

The wall construction and part of the space rental has been funded by an Urban Uprising grant. Thanks to all of our supporters!


The well stocked gear room at the wall :


Caio, one of the older students, training on the wall :


A mother and children stopping by to check out the new facility :



A World’s first!

A World’s first!



Construction recently began of the climbing wall in Rocinha funded by Urban Uprising. This is the world’s first climbing wall constructed in a Favela and will be used by C.E.U to train and teach a new generation of young climbers.

Stonesmith holds kindly donated climbing holds which will be put to good use once the wall is finished.

Watch this space for more pictures as the wall develops.

To donate towards the construction of this please text DBTN01 £3 (or £5,10,20) to 70070



Rio field trip

Rio field trip

_MG_8087WBy Niall McNair


Well, it’s been just under a week since I returned from Rio de Janeiro, courtesy of Urban Uprising, to visit the C.E.U. Centro de Escalada Urbana and meet the youths that this climbing-based project is reaching out to. To say that that I was blown away by not only the local terrain but also the scale of the societal issues in this city would be an understatement.
Nestling in between the postcard scenery of the mountains, lagoons and beaches of Rio, lie some pretty stark contrasts in poverty and inequality. On one side of a road, luxury hotels reside by the beach whilst on the other, the shanty town favelas crowd and hug the contours on steep hills maximising the available space. I heard stories of the many examples of of the crime and gang warfare that blights these places as well as the authorities indifference to the inhabitants.
The CEU is never going to solve these huge, seemingly intractable issues in such a chaotic environment. But what it does offer is stable and structured activity, making full use of the frankly incredible mountainous landscape, for the youths to develop their self confidence, practical and other skills such as discipline that can be transferred to other areas of their lives. For example, one of the youth participants, Jonas, is looking to apply to the Fire & Lifeguard service, whilst another, Caio, is going to start training as a mountain guide.
I think most of here, in the UK, on Facebook etc. know how cosseted and privileged our western lives are but to see the evidence in front of your own eyes is sobering. CEU and Urban Uprising are niche solution that, at present, are limited to small numbers of participants. I look forward to seeing these charities, with the support of the climbing community and further afield, continuing to expand and reach out to larger numbers of youths in such places. Elevate and Inspire!
With thanks to C.E.U. Centro de Escalada Urbana, Urban Uprising, Cloudreach, British Airways and everyone else who has shown their support.

Outside the space that CEU has secured :


A lesson in Brazilian football stars :


The author :