Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are a group of professional climbers who kindly help Urban Uprising in many ways with their time and effort.

Urban Uprising are extremely grateful for everything our ambassadors provide, it makes a real difference to the children and young people we help by having your support.


Natalie Berry

Natalie has been climbing for over 20 years and is a former GB Climbing Team member, with multiple British titles and junior international podium finishes. She focused primarily on indoor climbing as a youth competitor and didn't make the transition to outdoor climbing until her late teens, but now enjoys a variety of climbing disciplines and outdoor activities.

Natalie is Editor-in-Chief of UKClimbing.com and a freelance writer and translator with work published in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Scotsman, WIRED UK and Alpinist Magazine. Natalie grew up in Glasgow and is now based in Edinburgh.



Hazel Findley

Climbing has completely shaped me as a person from when I was very small, and I doubt I would be half as resilient as I am now, if not for climbing.

I was lucky as my Dad climbed and took me climbing but I know that most young people do not have this luxury. Urban Uprising does a great job of facilitating access to climbing and many of the benefits that come with it and I want to support that. 



Niall McNair

One of our very first Ambassadors for Urban Uprising,  Niall has a huge wealth of experience from climbing throughout the UK and Europe over 25 years, and is well known for adventurous rock climbing in Scotland.

Niall kickstarted the successful series of "Club Uprisings" fundraisers and has spoken at various events on behalf of Urban Uprising: 

"Being involved with Urban Uprising is a way of giving back to the climbing community. I can personally vouch for the positive and  transformative power of climbing in developing life skills and this opportunity should be available to all."