Time and time again we hear from the participants about how the programme made a positive difference to their lives. 


“Climbing made me feel accomplished” – Tallia


“Climbing is like a symbolism for autism and for life! Just keep going, thinking of the next step at the time! Climbing made me feel inspired to work harder and seize every new opportunity which comes my way!” – Rameez


"I really enjoy going and feel really proud of myself every time I leave." – Dean


“All the adults are really helpful. I now can get up to the top of the sloped wall. I never thought I could, but now I know I can.” – Connie


"I really enjoyed all the different difficulties of the climbs and I would love to come climbing again." – Lewis

Our Engagement

We work in partnership with youth organisations and schools and our sessions are delivered in groups, with young people working to achieve their own goals within the three levels of the program, 'Taste', 'Climb' and 'Repeat'. 


Our Vision

We have 3 themes we work on with the young people. Each theme has a set of skills or qualities.


1. Physical: stamina, strength, flexibility, and coordination.

2. Social: trust, peer support, empathy, respect, communication.

3. Personal: Listening, responsibility, resilience, focus, reflection, confidence, problem



The volunteers observe the skills listed above and use this as a basis for coaching the young people. Our Programme has a track record of producing good results. We are aiming

to go even deeper with more time and emphasis on individual personal development. This will be possible with more funding and volunteers being trained. 

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