About Us

Young people are facing unprecedented challenges: poverty, isolation, gang affiliation, substance abuse, negative stereotyping, the pressure of social media, coping with the impact of coronavirus. Any one of these can lead to mental and physical health problems.

We use rock climbing to improve the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of 8 to 18 year olds who are experiencing disadvantage. We give young people the chance to experience the transformational personal change that climbing can bring. 

Young people need our support now more than ever.

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Our programme

Through a structured 10 week programme young people are taught how to climb safely and responsibly. They also gain improved self-esteem, develop life and employment skills, discover adventure, and find a sense of community.


Climbing is a source of stress relief for most, as it allows them to escape from their everyday lives. It provides them with positive role models in the instructors and our volunteers. 


This is a unique experience that the partner organisations would not be able to provide themselves and the young people would not have access to on their own. 


We work in partnership with youth organisations and schools.


Our sessions are delivered in groups, with young people working to achieve their own goals within the three levels of the program.


A session for novice climbers aimed at introducing them to the basics and fun of climbing.


Weekly sessions to transform a young person from novice to competent climber. We focus on personal development as much as we do on climbing.


Drop-in sessions for young people who have completed the climb programme.

How we work

We work on three themes with the young people. Each theme has a set of skills or qualities.


Physical: stamina, strength, flexibility, coordination

Social: trust, peer support, empathy, respect, communication

Personal: listening, responsibility, resilience, focus, reflection, confidence, problem solving


The volunteers observe the skills listed above and use this as a basis for coaching the young people.

The main outcomes we aim to achieve are increased confidence, resilience and physical health.

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