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About Us

At Urban Uprising, we help give disadvantaged young people the

opportunity to transform their futures.

Our unique climbing programme gives 8-18 year- olds who face various challenges in life the chance to develop their physical, social and personal strengths with the support and encouragement of highly-trained positive coaches.


We know there are barriers – both individual and societal – that prevent some young people from accessing and consistently engaging with new experiences. Urban Uprising’s vision is a society where all young people feel engaged and empowered to create a positive future for themselves.


In partnership with climbing centres and committed volunteer role models, we are here to support young people to address and overcome the individual root causes of the problem and become their own agents of change.

Young people need our support now more than ever.

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Our programme

Our programme centres on personal development and life skills. Rock
climbing can be daunting, and breaking through that barrier to try it
for the first time, or to try new and harder climbs, is a real confidence

The nature of climbing is that you are failing much more than you are
succeeding, and the experience of not being able to get past a certain
point - or falling off the wall entirely - is an important part of it. Building
resilience to deal with this failure and understanding that failing is a
learning opportunity (and nothing to be afraid of) is very empowering for
the young people.

Through our sessions, young people can discover a sense of belonging
to a new and different community with many positive role models. We
know that our work can have a hugely positive impact on the mental
health recovery of young people following the pandemic.


We work in partnership with youth organisations and schools.


Our sessions are delivered in groups, with young people working to achieve their own goals within the three levels of the program.


A session for novice climbers aimed at introducing them to the basics and fun of climbing.


Weekly sessions to transform a young person from novice to competent climber. We focus on personal development as much as we do on climbing.


Drop-in sessions for young people who have completed the climb programme.

How we work

We work on three themes with the young people. Each theme has a set of skills or qualities.


Physical: stamina, strength, flexibility, coordination

Social: trust, peer support, empathy, respect, communication

Personal: listening, responsibility, resilience, focus, reflection, confidence, problem solving


The volunteers observe the skills listed above and use this as a basis for coaching the young people.

The main outcomes we aim to achieve are increased confidence, resilience and physical health.

We Need Your Support Today!

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