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Our Partnerships

We have partnership agreements with some of the best climbing centres in the UK, including:

  • The Climbing Academy and Glasgow Climbing Centre in Glasgow​

  • The Climbing Academy in Bristol

  • Eden Rock, Edinburgh University Centre for Sport andExercise, and Alien Rock in Edinburgh

  • Rainbow Rocket and Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre in

  • Transition Extreme in Aberdeen.

The partnerships are mutually beneficial and aimed at making climbing as accessible as possible. 

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How it works

We do the legwork of reaching out to local youth charities and schools, finding the right young people and volunteers and booking in the sessions. In return, climbing centre partners are expected to provide appropriately qualified and values-aligned climbing instructors to help deliver the climbing elements of the programme. This will be delivered collaboratively with trained volunteers who provide informal coaching and support to young people which focuses more on the social and emotional development.

Benefits for climbing centre partners

When we work together, it really is a partnership. In our experience of working with other centres, we know the climbing community wants to give back wherever possible, and Urban Uprising is here to help you do that.

Not only do we lead on the outreach work required to bring groups into the centre, we also co promote and collaborate on fundraising initiatives to support the wider costs of the programme. We’ll help you run competitions and club nights, and often run groups during the daytime when centres may otherwise be quieter.

Best of all, many groups and individuals continue their climbing journeys far beyond the programme itself, helping to grow and promote the local climbing community from the ground up.

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Our links with Climb Scotland and the British Mountaineering Council

Urban Uprising is partnered with Climb Scotland (part of Mountaineering Scotland), who run the outdoor sessions at the end of each programme. Climb Scotland support us in endorsements and advertising, and collaborate with us to develop pathways for young people to continue their climbing experiences. As part of this, our programme participants get a year-long membership to Climb Scotland, which gives them access to further training (including becoming an instructor) as well as youth competitions and events.

Our partnership agreement with the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) functions in the same way as the one we have with Climb Scotland. When available, they provide us with funding that enables people to obtain qualifications (CWI/RCI Training) through their Instructor Development Programme. This provides employability and employment options.

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