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How we work with Youth Organisations

We collaborate with local youth organisations and schools who know the communities and are able to help us identify the young people who are most in need.

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Sharing the cost

Urban Uprising funds the majority of the programme and the partner organisation usually makes a contribution. This contribution depends on the funds available from Urban Uprising and the partner organisation at the time.

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We add value by taking a ‘place based’, joined-up approach to services, assets and investments in the locations we work, to maximise the impact of our combined resources and achieves better outcomes for local young people and communities.


Our programme is a unique experience that partner organisations would otherwise be unable to provide and young people would be unable to access. We tailor the programme slightly for each group to suit their age, maturity and specific needs. We also take into account the type of skill development work each partner organisation has been carrying out with the young people - to compliment and build on that.


Great care is taken to match our volunteers appropriately to each group. The volunteers work directly with participants as positive role models, skilled climbing coaches and mentors, alongside climbing centre instructors. They support the young people on and off the climbing wall and are essential to the operation, delivery, and development of our work. They guide and monitor young people, building their confidence to try new things, and their resilience to deal with failure.

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