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9 Best Home Workouts for Rock Climbers

If there’s only one good thing to come out of the lockdown, it's accessibility to free training plans and workouts from pro climbers. There are so many high-quality live classes and home workout ideas that you'll be spoilt for choice. Whether you want to target a weakness, a specific skill, or you just want to get inspired by your favourite climbing celebrity, here's our pick of the best:

1. Small hangboard syndrome

Stefano Ghisolfi @steghiso

Ghisolfi, famed for being the fourth person to climb 9b+, has so many training videos, uplifting videos and live streams, that he deserves a category all of his own. He is definitely worth a follow, even if to check out his insane home wall set-up. However, for this compilation, we’ve chosen him for his focus on endurance training on a small hangboard - because some of us aren’t lucky enough to have lovely big Beastmakers.

2. Puccio power

Alex Puccio @alex_puccio89

I love this woman. She’s a totally unstoppable exercise machine. Nearly everyday, she is releasing another workout with full “deets”. What’s more, she helpfully compresses everything into each post - easy to find and ideal for printing out and decorating your house. The only ask is that each post opens with 2-3 words to say what it’s about - I’ve got so many saved that I don’t know what’s what, so here are a few for you to find easily:

I need to have a lie down now...

3. Not just a bunch of random exercise videos

Neil Gresham @neil.gresham

Neil consistently creates high quality, well produced videos, with the type of content you’d expect from a coach of his calibre. He’s been at the cutting edge of the British climbing scene for over two decades and one of the original pioneers in coaching for climbing; his methods tried and tested on hundreds of climbers. How cool is it that you can now get free coaching from him?! Follow Neil for daily videos and @ospreyeurope Instagram for live workouts and QAs.

4. All killa no filla

Lynn Hill @_linacolina_ No frills, no captions, no jokes, just videos focusing on exceptional form and detailed explanations of why and how. Lynn helpfully starts each post with a description, helping you to navigate around hundreds of your saved posts, e.g. Balance and Leg Strength Multi-Directional Balance Exercise She is also another source of home wall inspiration and jealousy for me… #itgoesboys

5. Dry ice

Tim Emmett @timemmett In this short video on Instagram, Tim demonstrates some training exercises he used while he was preparing to climb the world’s hardest ice route, involving axes and a doorframe. Surely it’s not that simple? He's also starting an Instagram Live training and fitness program for climbers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm BST.

6. Fuelling your crack addiction

Wide Boyz @WIDE_BOYZ @PETEWHITTAKER01 is a genius. He has created a ton of videos about jamming around the house. Says Pete, “it’s quite amazing where you can find jams to help with technique and training when staying at home”, as he proceeds to demonstrate a chicken-wing ladder lift. Follow them on Instagram or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

7. Challenge Anneka

Sean Mccoll @mccollsean

McColl is a Canadian climbing veteran and athlete climbing in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. He’s widely recognised as being one of the most engaging competitors to watch, so it should come as no surprise that his Instagram posts are creative. Whilst they are not home workouts as such, I’m sure his daily challenges are somehow useful for climbing, and if not, they'll show off your muscles.

8. I am… Sasha Fierce

Sasha DiGiulian @sashadigiulian

Described as tenacious, with a never give up attitude, she trains constantly and understands the importance of recovery using a total of six techniques – cryotherapy, Graston massage, dry needling, infrared saunas, foam rolling and simple resting. Her workouts are surprisingly normal, adapted by her, from her trainer @bhkillian. But don’t worry, there are some unusual posts hidden between the workouts. Green granola bars in your underwear, anyone?

9. Mono poly

Will Bosi @will_bosi

I hate monos, but a compilation from an Edinburgh writer would not be complete without Will Bosi, and he loves ‘em. He also loves pinches. No wonder he’s so good.

Always make sure you warm up first. Use the Save function in Instagram and Facebook to bookmark your favourite workouts, combine with some lockdown mixes from @tca_newsroom @samscrvn and keep the psyche high!

Take care and stay safe.

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