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Climbing Upwards - a film by Diego Martina

Climbing Upwards is a short documentary about a group of young people who face various challenges in life that take part in our Climb programme.

During weekly sessions at Alien Rock in Edinburgh, the children play games and learn the fundamentals of knots, ropes, and belaying, while feeling welcomed and respected. They take their first steps as novice climbers and are encouraged to develop their physical, social, and personal strengths.

Ali, the instructor, Richard, a Urban Uprising volunteer, and Ruth, the Programme Coordinator, reflect on how the sport has helped them during difficult parts of their lives and how it can inspire young people. Throughout the film, climbing becomes a metaphor of overcoming hardships and taking failure as a positive part of life.

Watch Diego's film here.

Urban Uprising would like to thank Diego Martina for creating this film. We would also like to thank Alien Rock and Children's Holiday Venture for being featured and Ali and Rich for telling us their personal stories.

You can make a donation to Urban Uprising and help us continue to elevate and inspire young people in the future here.

You can sign up to volunteer (either at sessions or behind the scenes) here.

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