• Nikki

6 ways to volunteer during the UK coronavirus lockdown

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Even though there is now a strict lockdown in place in the UK, there are still ways to volunteer and help your community during this time. Here are six examples for you to consider.

Look at new and different volunteering roles

With strict restrictions now in place, charities will require volunteers to do new and different roles. Please consider what roles are available and whether you would be able help out, e.g. drivers, telephone buddies, food shoppers, social media, web development, writing, campaign planning, future fundraising ideas.

NHS Volunteer Responders

The NHS has launched NHS Volunteer Responders which means you can now help the most vulnerable people in your community who need to stay home because of coronavirus. If you are fit and healthy, you can sign up here and can be called on to do simple but vital tasks such as:

  • Delivering medicines from pharmacies;

  • Driving patients to appointments;

  • Bringing them home from hospital;

  • Making regular phone calls to check on people isolating at home.