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TCA raises thousands for Urban Uprising

The Clarendon Academy on completing Urban Uprising’s first programme at TCA The Mothership

Through a series of fundraising events and activities, The Climbing Academy (TCA) has raised more than £2,700 - the highest amount raised by TCA since it’s partnership with Urban Uprising began. They had literally just handed over the donation when they had to make the difficult decision to temporarily close their doors to help minimise the spread of COVID-19.

The main fundraising events included The TCA Winter Comps - a series of four huge bouldering competitions attended by over 200 people, finishing with an epic end of series party, Club Uprising, held at Stereo, Glasgow. Friends and staff of TCA have all got stuck in with their own fundraisers initiatives, too, from competing in Ironman Wales to climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest.

TCA teamed up with Urban Uprising in 2016 and it’s proven to be a real success. Over the last year alone, TCA has run 52 climbing sessions for over 100 young people participating in Urban Uprising’s unique climbing programme, with another 40 sessions in planning. These are generously run at cost by TCA, contributing further to the total donated.

Taking place at TCA’s indoor climbing centres, The Prop Store and The Newsroom in Glasgow, and The Mothership in Bristol, Urban Uprising projects allow participants to take part in a structured programme that teaches them how to climb safely and responsibly. This programme helps increase their confidence and self-esteem and develops their life skills, such as problem solving and communication.

Urban Uprising founder Stuart Green said, “We are incredibly grateful to TCA and everyone who supported us so wholeheartedly, in particular Sam Scriven (organiser of Club Uprising), Stu Lyall and Andrew Thorley (TCA Climbing Coaches), and all the volunteers. The donations from TCA will allow us to run even more projects and help make a huge difference to the young people involved.”

TCA Director Rob Sutton said, “Our vision is to build communities through climbing and provide facilities that enable anyone and everyone to access the sport, so we are clearly very proud of what we have achieved with Urban Uprising and really grateful to have the support of the climbing community.”

If you would like to volunteer or are a youth group keen to find out more about the projects, please contact Ben Campbell at Urban Uprising for further details.

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