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Urban Uprising + The North Face®

Urban Uprising is proud to be supported by 

The North Face's COVID-19 Explore Fund.

This is the first fund of its kind to provide critical financial support to make exploration possible through programmes like ours.

This generous donation has given Urban Uprising a significant boost. It will help us through a difficult time when our programmes have been severely impacted by Covid-19. The funding will help ensure that we can reach the many young people we had planned to. 


Our programmes will be more relevant than ever as we will be playing an important part in the young people's recovery from the effects of the virus on their physical and mental health.

Video: Urban Uprising + The North Face
About the Explore Fund
  • The fund provides critical financial support to anyone who makes exploration possible, from the mountain guides to climbing coaches, and from urban climbing gyms to Ski schools.

  • Open to registered companies and charities in the UK, Germany, France, and Italy, the fund aims to ensure those who have worked to foster and inspire exploration before, will be able to do so once again, when the time comes.

  • The brand will work closely with national and local outdoor officials to allocate funds appropriately and support recovery throughout the crisis

Watch The Noth Face + Urban Uprising

Now, more than ever, our programmes have even greater relevance as communities and young people begin to recover from the challenges created by Covid-19.

Donate today and help us expand our reach even further.

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